Living Assessment
Frequently Asked Questions

This page is where we gather and respond to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about the assessment phase of Forest Plan Revision. To do this wiki-style, please post your question and we will do our best to respond to it. We may move some questions to the Our Forest Place site, or to the official Forest Service Early Adopter planning web page. This helps focus the distinct role that each of these sites plays, as we try new things with the process. There are many moving parts and a short timeframe, but we do try to respond as quickly as possible.

Please post only questions about the assessment phase of Forest Plan Revision in the Pacific Southwest Region of the Forest Service. Questions regarding the process we are using for the Early Adopter forests and the bio-regional assessment are appropriate here.

We ask you to honor the Code of Conduct when framing your questions.

We are excited to be breaking new ground and trying new processes. Your questions help us get better, and we appreciate them. Many of these changes are as challenging to us as they are to you, some maybe more so. The point is that we are all doing our best to embrace the intent of the new Planning Rule.