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U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. 2010. National Report on Sustainable Forests - 2010. FS-979. Washington, D.C.; U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. 214 p. (June 3, 2013)

Uses the Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators to provide a nationwide assessment of forest conditions in the United States. Provides an update to the previous 2003 report. Identified seven key findings: 1) overall forest area remains stable; 2) fragmentation and loss of forest land, mostly from human development is occurring in many regions and localities; 3) levels of forest disturbances are rising; 4) number and complexity of society's values and demands is increasing; 5) wood products production is declining and imports are increasing; 6) forest management activity is declining; and 7) the number of public-private collaboration is increasing. Identified three overarching issues: 1) The loss of forest lands and working forests; 2) Forests, climate change, and bioenergy; and 3) Forest health and disturbance patterns.

Other Assessments

U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service. 2013. DRAFT A natural resource condition assessment for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Natural Resource Report NPS/SEKI/NRR—2013/XXX. Eds. Sydoriak, C.A., J.A. Panek, J.J. Battles, and K.R. Nydick. National Park Service, Fort Collins, Colorado. Pre-publication draft version available from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, 47050 Generals Highway, Three Rivers, CA 93271

The Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks have completed an assessment on natural resource conditions within the two parks. The final report is currently being published. The NPS has provides the DRAFT report, but due to it's large size, it has been split into five parts.
Part 1 (Cover - 53; 12MB)
Part 2 (pages 54-143; 12MB)
Part 3 (pages 144-193; 7MB)
Part 4 (pages 194-269; 8MB)
Part 5 (pages 270-309; 3MB)