This page is designed as a place for users to identify problems or difficulties using the Living Assessment Wiki.


Write down a brief description of the problem or difficulty. Include a link to the Page, Section, Paragraph if applicable. As items are solved, they will be moved to the Basic Wiki Help page. Give each problem topic a Heading 2 style so it will show up in the Table of Contents.

On Going Items

  1. Instructions on how to set Favorite Pages

  2. Problem with references adding extra spaces

    1. When adding many footnotes, it appears to add extra spacing between footnotes, making them string out and waste lots of space.
  3. Is there a way to change the Font display under Text Styles to display in points instead of percent? How do you easily tell the font size?

    1. Right now it shows 100%, want it to show the size in points or want a way to inspect text and get the current point size.
  4. How can I tell if there are concurrent editors working in the same page?

    1. Sometimes, a small notification comes up saying who else is editing, but if you click details, the notice goes away.
  5. Is there an easy way to resize jpg images?

    1. Cannot just drag the image, When changing sizes, it does not keep proportions
  6. Problems with pasting text - not purging the clipboard?

    1. When highlighting a snippet of text and copying and pasting, it appeared to paste a duplicate of the page. Need to test to see if this was an error or a problem.
  7. Does Save and Continue save a "version" in the history?

    1. Is there a way to save ongoing work without creating a version timestamp? Want to avoid clogging up the Recent Changes page.
  8. When linking to an external image, does it embed the image or just give a link?

  9. What happens when someone joins and edits and then wants to drop/remove themselves?

    1. Does it keep their information/edits?
  10. What does it mean with Autosave? Is it just for the current session?

  11. How do Anchors work?

  12. Is there a way to clear/erase the edit history.

    1. There is a long string of incremental saves during a long edit session. Is there a way to clear them or is there a way to avoid creating them?
    2. Can you export the current text, then re-import it to clear it?
    3. Is it a problem? Makes comparisons harder.