Why use a wiki?

We know that everyone hates having to create new accounts and remember new passwords. However, the Living Assessment is hosted by Wikispaces.com while Our Forest Place is hosted by ning.com and each site requires a member to sign up to take full advantage of each site. We felt we needed to use the two different sites because the use of wiki technology was ideally suited to managing knowledge of forest conditions and trends for the Living Assessment while the use of blogs and discussion forums and groups best suited collaborative dialog.

Do I have to join? What advantage is there to join?

You do not need to join the Living Assessment site to read or print the information it contains. However, we hope that you will want to take an active part in ensuring the best and most complete information about the condition and trends of the Sierra Nevada forests is considered in the forest planning process. One way to play an active role is to join and contribute to the Living Assessment wiki. You don't need to be an expert, you don't need a degree in a science field to contribute. All you need is knowledge of factual science information related to the 15 topical areas addressed in the Living Assessment.

How do I join the Living Assessment?

View or download these instructions.----->

Sometimes, people will accidentally create a wikispaces account without joining this particular wiki. If that occurs, simply return here and click "join this wiki" using your wikispaces account that you just created.

How do I join Our Forest Place?

The Living Assessment tiers off of Our Forest Place, the online collaborative environment to support conversations about forest planning and forest management. Instructions to join Our Forest Place can be downloaded here. ----->

Still having troubles joining?

Send a brief email describing your difficulty to Don Yasuda, Living Assessment Content Manager: dyasuda@fs.fed.us