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*** FINAL Bio-Regional and Forest Assessments now available! (direct links to assessment documents in text below)


The Inyo, Sierra, and Sequoia National Forests in California are embarking on an exciting journey under the new Forest Service Planning Rule. To better understand the roles and contributions of these three forests, a large scale Bio-Regional Assessment was developed which includes all ten of the National Forests in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. In addition, separate assessments were developed for the Inyo, Sierra, and Sequoia National Forests. The next step in the journey is to identify the Need to Change. Along this journey the Forest Service will continue to engage you and all interested stakeholders in creating forest plans that truly consider a diversity of input on best science, values, and ideas for managing these treasured public lands.

This site is organized around fifteen chapter topics, based on the assessment topics in the Planning Rule (36CFR219.6). The information from this site along with feedback received on the draft assessments were considered in developing the final assessment documents. Note that the assessments are NOT formal environmental documents. This site will remain open and available for adding additional information relevant to conditions and trends. However, we will not be updating the assessments as new information becomes known. Instead, we will use this site as one of many sources of information considered at appropriate points throughout the plan revision process.

This is a new way of doing forest planning. We are learning as we go. We invite you to join us. The process is accelerated, experimental, and evolving. We believe that a one or two year process is highly preferable to a seven to ten year process. In the past, we have informed, consulted, and involved you in the planning process. Your involvement is critical, and we want this journey to be about even more. We want you to feel and know you are a part of a meaningful collaboration.

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